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Angie Dédé Blues Radio show Avril 2023

Dans cette nouvelle émission Angie & Dédé vous proposent encore une pléiade de nouveautés sorties depuis janvier 2023.

La Playlist :

Bay Kamara-Travelling Medecine Man-Mig Music-2023-If I Could Walk On Water-If You Go

Jimi Primetime-The World In A Jug-Vizztone-2023-Love Her With A Feeling-Blinded

Eric Bibb-Ridin’-Dixiefrog-2023-Hold The Line-Joybells

Jeff Pictchell-Playin’with My Friends-Deguello Records-2023-Out In The Cold-Your Magic Eyes

Bernard Sellam & The Boys From The Hood-Feelin’So Fine-Absilone-2023-Midnight Hour-Kiss Me Leave Me

Laura Cox-Head Above Water-Verycords-2023-So Long-One Big Mess

Otis Taylor-Banjo-Octave Records-2023-Nasty Latter-Resurrection Blues

Scott Ellison-Zero 2 Sixty-Liberation All Records-2023-That’sHow I Love My Woman-Zero 2 Sixty

Supersoul Brothers-The Road To Sound Live-Dixiefrog-2023-Mr Big Stuff-Only Love

The Four Breakers-Dry Rivers-River City Industrials Records-2023-I Follow you-Goodbye My Friends

Walk That Walk-Big World Of Trouble-Independant-2023-See Poppa C-Still A Fool

Damon Fowler-Live At The Palladium-Land Sland Records-2023-It Came Out of Nowhere-I’ve Been Low


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